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"Our task is not to fix the blame for the past, but to fix a solution for the future" - JFK

Cost of NOT doing Mediation

People in conflict are about 30 - 40 percent less effective and efficient than those who are not in conflict.  People close to people in conflict are about 20 - 30 percent less effective and efficient than those who are not around people in conflict.  In dollars and productivity, what does that cost you?... your enterprise?  In happiness, in creativity, in social interactions; what are the costs?  We think the cost is immense and you will too once you really consider it.  So, whether it is your employee, a coworker, a friend, a customer, a client, an associate, or you that is in conflict, if you've been wondering if talking to someone about mediation would be beneficial, call us at no cost.  Most likely, you're overdue for some positive news!

Cost of YOUR Services (Mediation, GTG, or trainings)

We offer a free consultation. When you call us, we will be happy to set up a meeting to discuss the cost of your services. We pride ourselves in tayloring services to a Companies/Organizations needs. It has been our expereince that the needs are always different to some degree.

Cost of a NEGATIVE Workplace Environment

Take an estimate of how a negative culture or unmanaged conflict might impact an organization in terms of dollars (be very conservative – you may be surprised!):



Wasted time. ( _____hours/wk x _____employees x _______ ave. compensation

(pay + benefits) x 48 weeks, assuming 4 weeks of vacation)



Reduced decision quality (could be as high as 50% of the value of the decision



Loss of skilled employees (50% of annual compensation for employee lost)



Restructuring (est. inefficiency of avoiding negative points in org.)



Sabotage/theft/damage (est. cost to equip, work processes, reputations)



Lowered Job Productivity (% reduced productivity x annual compensation)



Lost Work Time (est. days missed for no good reason x daily rate)



Health Care Cost (neg. environ effects health – enter 10% of 6. above)






Estimate of Potential Ann. Cost of Unmanaged Negative Culture in your organization.